Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Update, finally

Yea, it has been some time since I updated this page.
Well I am attending MCC now, how incredibly easy it is. My calc teacher is a Gilbert High teacher though, so she always looks so tired and confused and run down when she finally gets to our class (starts at 7:30 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.) And in being a High School teacher, she teaches us like one, which is thoroughly annoying. At least at ASU the teachers were more professional about things, even though they did not give a damn about the material or the students.
However, I suppose it could be worse. I foresee that I will grow tired of this place before long, so Ill be needing to talk to the good guys over at ITT and see what they can do for me.
For those of you interested, I will be still going for that B.S.E. in Computer Systems Engineering, just not from that god damned, wretched ASU... Ill be cold and ignorant and dead in the ground before I hand them more of my hard-earned cash (or rather, easily earned government financial aid grant monies) for their pathetic instruction.

I am looking forward to being taught straight forward and in a hands-on approach so I can REALLY learn how to be an engineer. I don't need English, I do not need to be taught to think like an engineer, and I certainly do not need cultural awareness, for fuck's sake.

Ok enough of my pathetic ramblings about my life. About the site. Sorry for the confusion and poorly devised linking plans for the newest Coheed acoustic mp3s. I fucked that up royally D:
If there are any more things I have missed, broken links and otherwise, do not be shy to contact my VIA AIM - my screen name is DontPassTheFence.
I love it when anyone that has questions/comments/praise/helpful tips/information messages me in regards to anything Coheed related.
Or even if you just wanna shoot the breeze and bullshit, I can do that as well most of the time, however if I don't answer in like fifteen minutes, I might actually be doing some work at work, and for that I apologize in advance since I never remember to put up an away message when I am actually working.

Next subject: Cars.

To my dismay, I did NOT obtain that 2002 Mazda Miata that I was sooooo close to owning. It seems my credit is STILL not good enough to qualify me for a 13,000$ used car loan. Damn it :(
I'm keeping the Grand Am, and slowly fixing it up and selling some parts I do not need anymore.
However, the black headlights are staying, and I should someday update my Car page with new pics and what not.

I still have plans to obtain a 2002 Mazda Miata, but it will have to wait until February of next year, and at the latest, May of next year. (since I will NOT be fixing the Grand Am's broken a/c, I can drive it throughout the fall, winter, and most of spring, but summer will fucking kill me like it did this year :/

I think that is about it for now... I don't have much time lately to update as much as I'd like to, what with 35hr/wk at work, classes, fixing the stupid car, and playing Sacred: Underworld.
I gotta tell you, this game is effing amazing. Its much like Diablo 2, in that you are good, must fight evil, 8 character classes, set items, rare items, magical items, slotted items, awesome magic and combat arts... But it has some really cool shit Diablo didn't, like custom combos, more weapons, more D&D themed skills/attributes, more dragons, demons, dryads, nymphs, 4 or 5 different species of elves :D
If you don't know about the game, I suggest you at least try it, its only 20$ now, and runs flawlessly on even MY LAPTOP
If you want more info on the game, hacks, trainers, hex editing, copying the game disc (FOR BACKUP PURPOSES ONLY FFS!), feel free to contact me VIA AIM. And for those of you that DO play this amazing game, I have a level 28 Battle Mage and a level 25 Dark Elf as of now :D I'm so addicted, and I haven't had a good PC RPG to play since I got bored with Neverwinter Nights!

That is all for now, and as always...
'Don't Let Them Scare You...'

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.\\ Finally! my desktop did have an older version of my index page, so I got my content back! Score one for me, and take that 'ya fucking internet. Not much else to write about ehre, so I'll leave it at that. Maybe some day I'll get those forums back up, abnd get a blog for this page; then fix the film blog as well...


.\\ Aha an update before the end of the month, INSANITY I TELL YOU! PURE SHENANIGANS! Anyways, not much to report, Im lazy and bored right now, although I SHOULD be studying for that calc Final on Saturday... Either way, meh! The car is doing well, except for the squealing noise when driving in the cold. Hellsing is out tomorrow! I can not wait! As of now I have watched more anime than I ever thought possible. 162 eps of Naruto (patiently awaiting the 163rd), 3 seasons of Initial D (plus one movie and one OAV), 6 eps of Samurai Champloo, and about 60 eps of Rurouni Kenshin. All of that in the past couple of months. I guess watching free fan subbed anime on my 19'' monitor is better than watching pathetic American tv on my television. :D - Well that is all for now, until next time, have a Merry X-mas, a KraZy KawanZa, a Happy Chanukah, and a solemn and dignified Ramadan; and say no to RICE. Also: Fuck ASU, Fuck their parking and transit Department, Fuck Discount Tire Co., and Fuck pronouncing AeonFlux right. (its actually 'E-on', rather than my preferred way of saying 'AY-on')


.\\ Ok so I was not going to do a full news update, but its seems in the 3 days I slacked off on doing a half-assed update, I accumulated enough going-ons to necessitate a 'real' update. First, I got the lowering springs on the Grand Am. About a week ago I had totally given up hope on this damn car since everything seems to be falling apart lately, and I constantly bitch about how much money it is costing me. However, I did not stop to think that I can just replace each thing that is broken, one part at a time, slowly but surely and all that jazz. Besides, my car is basically my only hobby, so why not spend a large percent of my income on the damn thing. So next up is a new set of tires, I'm thinking 225/45R17 Kumho Ecstas. However, I may go with the 215/50R17 since I had a 215mm wide tire on the stock rims, and looking at those, they are quite wide enough.

Anyways, I'm willing to bet most people don't care about my little Pontiac shitbox, so onto some other news-y stuffs.

I have come to realize, just now, that people with one hand must really be pissed off. Why? Simply because one hand washes the other. If you think about it, that lame little cliche is quite correct; you rub your one hand with your other one, it is nearly impossible to wash one hand by itself.
I know that is horrendously random, but bare with me here, it gets better...

Have you ever wondered why Necrophilia is usually associated with having sex with the dead? Well, necrophilia actually means more broadly 'to have a fondness for corpses or the dead', but today it is always used in reference to raping a corpse.
But if you think about it, since there are necrophiliacs out there, they just LOVE the dead, they are fascinated with corpses for some sick reason. However, if you just chill with a dead person, it isn't that fun; they cant do much, since they are dead. (see where I'm going with this?) -- You can't play chess with a dead person, they cant play chess! They have a physical inability to play a game of chess due to their death.
The only thing a dead person can do is get raped... however, it isn't rape, since they cant say no. See? Its all good...

Now that you most likely think I'm one sick individual, I bid you ado. And don't forget, 12.19.05 the new Hellsing OVA is released in Japan, so expect those DVDrip torrents to follow close behind :D


.\\ Ah yes, nearly a month later. I may make a habit of this, monthly updates seem to be working out well XD
Anyways, I have been doing a bit of cleaning up around the site, the forums are dead, for some reason the MySQL database shit the bed... I may attempt to fix that in the near future. My blogs are left half finished since I'm extremely lazy, and b2evo sucks ass.
The car still has 2 different sets of rims on it, lol ricer lol
Uhmm... Also I should have the full tale of the dreaded camping trip up here soon, I just need to resize the pics so I don't get yelled at by slow DSL users or those few 56kers left out there. So many pics, nearly 100 from one digi cam, not to mention the other sources. So keep your fingers crossed for that.

That is all for now, happy halloween and don't do drugs. Unless its crack in a can XD

psst, that's an inside joke, psst.


.\\ So that is my bad for not updating in nearly a month, but things are always busy over here and my poor domain gets neglected. I am revamping a few areas of the site, namely the forums, links, and contact info areas. Links are now up, and anyone can link to me, or ask that I like to them, link exchanges are fun :D
In other news, recently I have been working on a few pages that are not my own, a few for work, a few for friends. Etc, etc.
The first of which is, as you can clearly see these guys need some major help, yeesh! Not to mention, these guys have yahoo web hosting, oh noes!!!1!1!11!11!!2
Keep checking those sites as well for updates, since I have some new content and new layouts for each web site, that I hope will go public by the end of this week.
I would like to end this update with some hope for the future, since I am taking nothing but night courses during my next semester at ASU, that will hopefully give me more time during the day to maintain this site.


.\\ Ok, the transfer has not gone smoothly, as some may have noticed, but it is near completion. Also, the forums are beginning to take shape, as well as my blog and php-nuke tools. A lot of spiffy content and shit is on the horizon! And I'm slowly learning how to port forward and use php and mysql. This is nuts.
Also, I just got Neverwinter Nights Platinum, so that will indefinitely slow down my progress. And a big thanks to Laurels for helping me transfer the domain, as well as teaching me so much along the way. Laurels = (Best)^infinity.


.\\ I am currently under going a domain transfer since Name Secure is a subpar service, and Lauren has enlightened my ignorant ways. She has shown me the shiny path to salvation, and it leads right to Influx Web Hosting. These guys kick ass, and I've already partially set up a forum, as well as some other bitchin' new features. Stay tuned for more info. :D


.\\ I have added a bunch of new stuff to the Coheed page, and I have begun putting the various theories and interpretations together, email me or aim me if I left anything out or something... Also, I have begun work on the section of my site for my car. I know there is a great need for pictures on this site, and I shall be getting some soon.


.\\ I finally broke down and got my own domain like all the cool kids... Keep checking back for my awesome random updates and the such...

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